Colours for Labels

  • The Importance Of Colour In Label Printing

    The Importance Of Colour In Label Printing

    Most companies involved in label printing will print your labels in colour but will not assist you with colour choices. It is not their job. They are printers, not designers. In fact, many label designs are prepared by outsourced graphic designers. My company is a little different because I employ full-time and casual graphic designers […]

  • How Are Colours Prepared For Product Label Printing?

    The use of colour is very important for product labels because it can make your product stand out on a supermarket shelf and if your branding is good, it can make your product easily recognisable just by the colour of the labels. Coca Cola’s dark red and white colours highlight its labels even more so than the actual product itself.

    How are the same colours reproduced time and time again?

    Well, colours in label printing are made up of a percentage mix of Cyan (a colour between green and blue), Magenta (a colour between red and blue), Yellow and Black. Refer to our logo below to see

  • Getting The Right Colours For Your Custom Labels

    When designing custom labels, one of the most important things to consider is the colours of your labels. You want the colours on your labels to stand out. To do that, firstly you must consider what you are sticking your labels onto. Are you sticking your custom labels on white paper, different coloured products, transparent surfaces such as glass or something else? For maximum impact, the colours printed on your labels should contrast well with the surface they are printed on.

    Naturally, you must consider what you wish to print on your custom labels? Do you want to include your company name and logo on your labels? In this case, you will