Cleaning Labels

  • Make Sure Your Cleaning Labels Are Accurate

    Cleaning labels are on containers which naturally get into tight corners. As a result a tough and water-resistant label is essential. As your customers use your cleaning products, you want them to be able to clearly recognize the contents and be able to read the information listed on your product labels. That information must be correct in every detail. A professional label printer knows the ways a label can be treated and chooses an appropriate material on which to print these labels.

    Health and safety requirements are very specific and manufacturers of all types of cleaning products must

  • Ensure Safety with Renton’s Custom Cleaning Labels

    Cleaning products can present a danger to a wide segment of the population, particularly young children, who may not realise the harm these products can cause.  At Renton’s Labels, we understand the tragic circumstances these products can potentially cause, which is why we offer a full line of cleaning labels which are specially designed and die-cut to fit any size bottle perfectly.  Whether you are a cleaning contractor in need of custom labels for industrial products or a homeowner concerned about your family’s safety, Renton’s has everything you need to properly label all of your cleaning products.

    If you walk through the cleaning aisle of your local grocery or hardware store you will undoubtedly notice there are many manufacturers notorious for poorly labelling their products.  From clear bottles with very little identification