Candle Labels

  • Design Your Candle Labels To Encourage Safety And Sales

    You need to design your candle labels to encourage safety and sales because really nothing else matters. As the manufacturer or seller, your candle labels should be designed to sell. What makes your candles unique? Why are they better than other candles? The labels are there to promote your brand and your selling proposition. When you […]

  • The Evolution Of Candle Labels

    In simple terms a candle is a solid piece of wax with an embedded wick. Candles have been in existence for ages and of course have been the equivalent of the lights we have in our ceiling, on our walls or on stands. Candles were also used as a source of heat. But much has […]

  • Candle Labels Can Make Or Break Your Candles

    With Christmas approaching the time for thinking of ways to thank your family, friends or clients is now. Many companies or employers provide calendars, diaries, pens or bottles of wine for their customers or members of staff. These are practical gifts and some can go on reminding the recipients of the giver for many months. But for a change, why not give something unusual? Candles are a practical gift and can be used for special occasions.

    Candles are universally ‘understood’, they ‘speak’ every language and have been in use for thousands of years. Candles were the