Bottle Labels

  • Label Printing at Christmas Time

    When it comes to label printing at Christmas time, our biggest challenge is to keep up with all of the orders before we close for a few days from December 21. It is only a short break as we will be back on January 2. However, many of our clients will still be selling their […]

  • What The Amish Can Teach Us About Bottle Labels

    Jacob Ammann was a Swiss Christian and part of a sect called the Anabaptists. In 1693 Jacob thought the church was not enforcing the differences between Christians and non-believers so he started a breakaway group. His followers became known as Amish. They are celebrated today in places such as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana in the USA where they drive horse-drawn buggies, wear plain clothes and don’t use modern appliances. In some counties they have become a major tourist attraction.

    The Amish are predominantly farmers and produce most if not all of their needs. They don’t have a low-fat diet because they get plenty of exercise as they work so hard in the fields.  But they

  • Make Your Bottle Labels Sing

    There are millions of bottles and millions of labels. Obviously you want the content of your glass containers to be top quality. So to complete the package you need a label which does so much.

    Wine labels can say a lot. The appearance alone gives a clear impression of your company. Are you traditional and reliable or new age, trendy and carefree? Remember a bottle shop is not

  • Sticker Labels Are Great

    So you’ve worked hard to produce your first product. It might be food or drink, it might be toys or some craft item or it might be a DVD or CD of your artistic imagination. But whatever your product, it needs to be well presented. If you’re selling it over a counter or posting it through the mail, it needs to be well presented.

    The box or envelope or whatever wrapping device you use is important for security purposes. Your goods must arrive in one piece without even a hint of damage. But the outside of your packaging is where