Bath & Body Labels

  • Uniquely Designed Bath and Body Labels Can Boost Sales

    Without a doubt, the single largest marketing tool your merchandise can have are quality bath and body labels that are designed specifically for soap, shampoos, conditioners and other bath products. Without a quality label, most customers become confused when seeking out valuable information including the product’s ingredients, scent, weight and directions for use. Often used as a guide to provide all vital data, the company’s bath and body labels should contain enough accurate information to answer most questions concerning the product.

    Printed with Quality Ink

    For products that sit on the shelf for an extended period, it is important that the lamination on the sticker performs correctly, and printed with

  • Bath And Body Labels

    The most important thing to consider when printing bath and body product labels is to choose the right label stock. Two things can go wrong here. Firstly, you can order labels which will disintegrate because your label stock is not suitable for exposure to water. Secondly, you can pay way too much for your labels by buying vinyl stickers which will last for up to seven years in either freezing weather conditions or extremely hot conditions. This is not necessary.

    We have a happy medium at Renton’s Labels. You will receive affordable bath and body labels on a strong polyester stock covered by a gloss laminate to ensure