• Printed Labels In Two Runs

    When I visit my local supermarket, I see labels being printed on demand in three places. The first place is the cold meat section where labels are printed on the white butcher’s paper for ham, salami and other cold meats and related products. Next to this section, seafood is sold and the labels are printed […]

  • How Do I Get a Barcode For My Product Labels?

    One of the most commonly printed labels is a barcoded label. It is recorded on almost all products sold at a retail level. It is not essential to have a barcode on your product but without it, most likely you will not be able to sell your products in large retail stores.

    The technical name for a barcode is the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). It is simply a number represented by vertical lines of different widths to uniquely identify different products. A scanner then reads the barcodes and a computer is able to retrieve the data for that product.

    The great advantage of barcodes is that it reduces the possibility of human error. It is also faster. Not all products are barcoded in your local supermarket. Fruit and vegetables are typically entered manually. You will notice the extra time it takes to process these unbarcoded items.