Candle Labels Can Make Or Break Your Candles

With Christmas approaching the time for thinking of ways to thank your family, friends or clients is now. Many companies or employers provide calendars, diaries, pens or bottles of wine for their customers or members of staff. These are practical gifts and some can go on reminding the recipients of the giver for many months. But for a change, why not give something unusual? Candles are a practical gift and can be used for special occasions.

Candles are universally ‘understood’, they ‘speak’ every language and have been in use for thousands of years. Candles were the major source of light at night for millennia.

But nowadays candles come in a wide variety of shapes and styles so look interesting and even give off some enticing scents. Early candles from India were ‘spiced up’ with cinnamon. Extra special candles for royalty were made from beeswax.

But once oil – would you believe olive oil? – kerosene and then electricity were ‘switched on’, candles moved from being our lighting source to our special occasion light. They are ideal for anniversary dinners or for creating that special atmosphere when required. And apart from torches, where would we be during a blackout without our humble candles?

Give them a name

Giving a candle is a thoughtful and practical gift but to make that gift even more memorable, add a candle label appropriate for the candle and for you, the giver. Today’s candle labels can be adapted for almost any product.

Your well-chosen candle could have a label with your name, a photo or illustration or some message appropriate to the giver, the occasion and the candle. Candle labels can be made from different materials and are adhered to the candle or its container. The range and possibilities are many and varied. There are as many types of candle holders as there are designs of candles.

You could design your own label or have your label printer do that for you. Candles are a practical and different way of saying thank you and will always be appreciated.

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