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As a regular printer of labels for the motor vehicle industry, you will benefit from our experience in printing bumper stickers. However, we do not print single bumper stickers. A minimum of 100 labels is required.

With over 50 years of experience.

With more than 50 years of experience in producing high quality labels you can benefit from
our support to create high quality stickers.

The Right Bumper Stickers Can Make A Great Impression

Whether you want to advertise your products or services or create a humorous or serious message, the right bumper stickers can make a great impression. You can engage our graphic designers to help you create your label designs to get your message across.

The Right Stock For Your Bumper Stickers


  • Vinyl – these heavy duty labels are waterproof and can last 3-7 years. This is the right stock for labels that are exposed to the elements.


  • Matte laminate – provides a smooth finish. A laminate coating is also essential to protect your printing from the elements.
  • Gloss laminate – this shiny finish can enable your bumper stick to stand out on motor vehicles.
Heading: When you order from Renton’s Labels, you get:

The very best labels printed on the very best label printing machinery.

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The speed of this machinery allows you to receive your labels in time to meet tight deadlines. Also, it means our prices are often lower than those of our competitors.

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There is no risk to you because you are protected by a 100% Money Back Guarantee subject to our Terms and Conditions.

High Quality Label Printing
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Get Your Labels Printed On The Right Stock and Designed To Increase Your Sales By Up To 25% As We Did For Peter At The Sultan’s Kitchen.

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