Water Bottle Labels

Use Water Bottle Labels To Promote Your Brand Or Event

If you are selling bottled water commercially, the first step is to get your customers and prospects to notice your brand. This is where your branded, custom water bottle stickers become very important. Your water bottle label has to be properly presented to establish confidence in your brand. Let our graphic design team help you to do this. You also have to make sure that your label adheres to all the regulations of the relevant food authority. These standards come under The Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Custom printed water bottle labels

Custom labelled water bottles distributed at an event can be an effective way to get your brand noticed.

There is also a demand for customised water bottle labels that are not sold commercially. I can remember seeing personalised bottles of water at my brother’s wedding in 2004. He superimposed a photo of himself and his fiancé onto a label and then printed these labels onto bottled water. Personalised bottled water can also be used for corporate events or by hotels to give to their patrons. They really do stand out and the plastic bottles are often kept longer than other bottled water.

Labels for bottled water and more – order online!

Print your custom water bottle labels online with Renton’s Labels. With over 20 years of experience we’re the leaders in water bottle label printing. Simply send us your custom design, or if you need we can create one for you, then we print onto the highest quality, water resistant labels to produce the finest water bottle stick on labels available.

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