Bath And Body Labels

The most important thing to consider when printing bath and body product labels is to choose the right label stock. Two things can go wrong here. Firstly, you can order labels which will disintegrate because your label stock is not suitable for exposure to water. Secondly, you can pay way too much for your labels by buying vinyl stickers which will last for up to seven years in either freezing weather conditions or extremely hot conditions. This is not necessary.

We have a happy medium at Renton’s Labels. You will receive affordable bath and body labels on a strong polyester stock covered by a gloss laminate to ensure your labels are protected against exposure to water. We recommend water resistant bath and body labels and we can print these for you in full colour in short or long runs.

We can also help you with your design. Of course, if you want your product to be available in pharmacies or on supermarket shelves then you should consider the following:

  • Colours
  • Your brand name and/or the name of the manufacturer
  • Exact details about your product
  • Size of your product, usually measured in millilitres
  • Benefits of your product
  • Include slogans, testimonials or even celebrity endorsements

There is one more thing to consider and this is your responsibility rather than that of your chosen label printing company. You must comply with the product safety guidelines as set down by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission. Before submitting your design, we strongly recommend you read what the ACCC says about what should be included on your bath and body labels as well as other types of cosmetic labels. Here is the link.

You can call us on 1800 736 861 or email us at We can help you with your bath and body labels such as shampoo labels, soap labels and much more.

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