Avoid Mistakes When Printing Labels

They do happen and yes, it is important that spelling mistakes, even grammatical errors, should never appear on your printed labels. Sadly attention to detail is lacking today. You only have to read responses from readers on web sites to see how many people don’t care about their writing, assuming they know right from wrong in the first place.

Just think for a minute about your label. Product labels are often the first port of call with a customer. You want your label to be well designed, colourful, easy to read, eye-catching and informative. You don’t want customers spotting a typo and losing interest.

If the company can’t be bothered getting their label right, how much do they really care about their products?

Your product label is your business card, your flyer and your introduction to your business. You can only give one first impression. Make it the best you possibly can and don’t include mistakes.

Then there is the safety aspect. If your product label contains specific detail about the contents inside the package, bottle, etc, it is essential the details are 100% accurate. It is the printer’s responsibility to produce the best-looking printed labels but it is your responsibility to ensure the details on the label are correct in every shape and form. If you don’t know the rules about use of the apostrophe, learn the rules. You don’t want to be a TADBE – it’s an acronym for those who are lazy or ignorant – The Apostrophe Deserves Better

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