Artwork Specification

You can save time and money by providing the correct artwork for your labels. Please note that it makes good sense to check your designs (and spelling) before sending them to us.

Software Supported (PC versions only)

  • Adobe Photoshop – versions up to and including CS3
  • Adobe Illustrator – versions up to and including CS3
  • Adobe Indesign – versions up to and including CS3

Please convert all fonts to outlines and make sure that all images are embedded.

Our preferred method is for you to send us your artwork as a PDF file.

Other types of formats are accepted so if you are unsure please call us on 1-800 736 861 or (02) 9631 3366 or send an email to

Please Note – if you’re creating multiple designs, please send each design (or version) individually in its own file to avoid any possible errors.


The easiest way to send us files is via email to We can receive email attachments up to about 10 Megabytes, but keep in mind that your outbound email server may have smaller limits.  If you’re sending many files and/or email proves to be unreliable, you can also upload files to our secure FTP site – please contact us for details.  If none of these options are workable for you, please burn a CD-ROM and post it to us at Renton’s Labels, PO BOX 888, Seven Hills NSW 1730.

Full Bleeds and layout requirements

A full bleed is when the colour “bleeds” off the label. If your label design or background colour is intended to cover the entire surface of the label, please note that we need approximately 3mm bleed around each edge of the label. For example, if you have a 70mm x 35mm  label and the colour needs to run off the edges, you should size your design to 76mm x 41mm to ensure that the artwork will cover the entire label.  If you require further information please email

Other Considerations

Image mode and resolution are extremely important to ensure correct colour and clarity. All raster (image-based) files need to have a resolution of 300 dpi at actual size. Our printers only handle CMYK mode – all RGB images will be converted. This can cause extreme shifts in colour.  If in doubt, please contact us.