Applications of Printed Labels

By far the most common application of printed labels is product labels. Most products are advertised by product labels. If you go through your local supermarket, you will see all types of labels on thousands of different products. Of course, for some products such as breakfast cereals or cheese or eggs, the advertising message is printed directly onto the cardboard or plastic.

However, there are many products where labels are required to be affixed to the actual product. Here are just a few products: soft drink, tomato sauce, ice cream, milk, fruit juice, washing detergents, liquid soap, sunscreen, deodorant and virtually everything which comes in a bottle or a tube or other form of plastic container. Even fruit such as apples is labelled with small removable labels.

Wine labels are probably the most common form of product labels because competitions are held annually to determine the best designs of wine labels throughout the world.

Labels can also be used a secondary form of product identification, particularly in terms of prices.  When you buy cold meat over the counter, it is weighed and the price is added via a barcoded label.

Books, DVDs, CDs and many other products are discounted at a later date and price labels are printed so this can be done easily.

Labels on windows is another common application. We all have registration labels on our car windows and see other types of labels on motor vehicles and trucks on their windows and bumper bars.

Did you know that bus advertising is mostly done through printed labels? This enables the ads to be replaced regularly. The vinyl adhesive surface of the labels enables easy removal of the advertisements so the labels can just be replaced by another advertisement once the advertising period has expired.

The simplest form of labels is the simple label on an envelope but there are several types. There is the computer label used for a name and address. Individuals as well as some businesses will use return address labels on the top left or the back of the envelope. Also, many postage stamps are now printed labels as they have become self adhesive in recent years.

With so many applications for printed labels, it is little wonder there are many sizes, shapes and most importantly stocks to cater for all of the different requirements of printed labels.

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