Anniversary Wine Labels

When celebrating anniversaries, most of us think of wedding anniversaries but there are many milestones to recognise. My cricket club recently celebrated its 90th anniversary. In 2014, our business will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Charities, churches, clubs, businesses and of course, married couples all like to celebrate anniversaries.

By far the two most common anniversaries to celebrate are weddings and businesses. Whether it’s your first wedding anniversary or your fiftieth year in business it’s a sure thing you want to remember your anniversary. Women love sentimental gifts and men love wine. The great benefit of wine is that it is rarely consumed immediately so you can have your anniversary preserved for some time. Some wine bottles are even kept after consumption.

Here are some fun ways to incorporate a wine label into your anniversary. You could select some wine from the year of your wedding date or the year your business began and then allow us to create and print a compelling wine label to mark the special occasion.

Event Wine Labels

You can get really creative when creating labels to celebrate a business milestone. You could get photos of your employees, photos from your early times in business as well as your best selling products from the past. For sporting clubs, you could arrange for action photos of famous past members or captains holding aloft premiership trophies.

Other organisations may prefer to be more subtle in their celebration and simply create anniversary wine labels where the years and the name of the organisation are the focus.

Anniversary wine labels can be used in other ways too. There is always a reason to celebrate. Milestones are being achieved every year. A personalised bottle of wine is an appropriate way to allow others to share in your celebration.

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