An Inexpensive Way of Getting Bright Custom Labels

Most custom labels are printed on white label stock. Colour is added by printing on the white label stock. The advent of digital label printing technology has meant that a relative small number of labels can be printed at a very fair price. Today, full colour custom labels in short runs are relatively inexpensive but about ten years ago, digital technology was only in its infancy and full colour labels were printed from film and the film was then converted into plates before printing could take place.

Another patient with same nameMore than ten years ago, there was another way to get your custom labels to really stand out and do it in an economical way. Labels were printed on fluorescent coloured paper. The most common colour was red. Other colours available are orange, yellow, green and pink. These fluorescent or radiant labels as they are also known are effective in really making certain types of custom labels stand out. They are ideal for custom labels with text only or very simple images. These fluorescent labels are most suitable for small amounts of text or major headlines.

Labels on RollsAlmost always, printing on radiant labels is in just one colour, i.e. black. The background colour makes the labels stand out so no other colour is needed. As a result, these labels can be printed with just one plate so digital label printers are not necessarily used for printing these fluorescent labels. However, for small runs, say less than 500 small labels, then digital label printing is still preferred.

The most common use of fluorescent labels is warning labels. By far the most common colour used for fluorescent labels is red. ‘Red” indicates warning or danger and is the strongest background colour available. Examples are “Danger – Flammable Liquid”.

Real estate agents also use red fluorescent labels. The message, “SOLD” is usually printed on red fluorescent stock. Fluorescent labels are still used in business today but whilst they are predominantly used by the manufacturing sector, the real estate industry, the medical profession and the transport sector also use fluorescent labels.

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