About Us

Romeo Sanuri (CEO), Pranil Chandra (Director) and Ian Renton (Sales Manager)

You will benefit from our expertise in label printing, especially digital printing. You will be helped by skilled graphic designers handpicked for the label printing industry. Our designers fix artwork from designers outside the printing industry. You can also save time and money by allowing us to design your labels. You can also read our blogs about all things label printing include labelling laws and even how to go about marketing your products. You get much more than your printed labels when you do business with Renton’s Labels.

Our start in business was very humble. In 1964, we provided unique and sometimes humorous stickers to stick on invoices to collect money quickly, advise of your terms of payments or to thank your customers for their order, or even to wish them a Happy Easter or Merry Christmas. Some customers even claimed that for every cent that they spent on our stickers, it resulted in an addition of one extra dollar in increased profits to their business because the stickers were so successful in getting their invoice not only noticed but paid on time. Today, you can still visit www.austcredit.com.au for account collection stickers, thank you stickers and Christmas stickers.

Our original trading name was Australian Credit Stationers. We first printed custom labels in the 1960s and today the label printing side of our business is our biggest and fastest growing division. Hence, the trading name, Renton’s Labels was registered in 2005. The late Jack Renton founded the business in 1964. His second son, Peter Renton replaced him in 1989. Jack’s eldest son, Ian Renton, replaced Peter in 1991. Ian is now the Sales Manager and his sister, Robyn Renton, has been the production manager since 1993.

As the business has grown, we have moved around a bit over the years. Our latest move in November 2019 was a big one. Not only, did we move away from western Sydney to Units 3-5 2 Burrows Road, St Peters NSW 2044, but we also merged with a larger printing company.

After 55 years as a Renton Family business, Renton’s Labels is has been owned by Next Labels Pty Ltd since November, 2019. Its new director is Pranil Chandra. Ian Renton is pictured above with Pranil Chandra and Romeo Sanuri, the CEO of Next Printing, also located at Units 3-5, 2 Burrows Road South St Peters NSW 2044.

The biggest benefit of this merger for you is access to state of the art digital label printing equipment. You can get your labels printed digitally in short, medium or long runs in quick time and in the highest quality. Your labels are then die-cut on site for hand or machine application.

We are open Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. officially. Unofficially, you can get us outside of these hours.

Email us at info@rentonslabels.com.au for questions, a quotation request or to submit artwork. We like to receive files as TIFF, PDF or EPS with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and bleed of 3mm all around the label