Q. Why should I use your company rather than a “normal” print-shop?
A. We could dedicate an entire page to answering this question because it can be so complex. Basically, if you need relatively small quantities, or if you have multiple designs, or you want to manage your cash flow better while getting the best quality possible, digital printing is the answer.

Q. What does four colour process mean?
A. Four colour process describes the printing process that is used today to print the full colour that you see in magazines, newspapers, brochures and labels. Basically a colour image is separated into the four primary colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (known as CMYK) by the use of filters and screens. The result is a colour separation of four images that when printed make up the full colour image.

Q. What standard sizes do you have?
A. For our paper labels we have a very large range of standard sizes to choose from. You can view all of the sizes that we offer via our Instant Quote page (just click on the shape you require and then you will be able to view the sizes that are available for paper stickers). We can always create a custom size for you so if you can’t find a size that is close to the size that you require please send us an email to info@rentonslabels.com.au.

For our vinyl stickers, clear stickers and bumper stickers we can print any size that you wish. Please contact us for details.

Q. What are your credit terms?
A. Our terms are 30 days for approved applicants. Alternatively, you can pay for your order by cheque, Amex, Mastercard, Visa or bank transfer.

Bank details as follows:
Account Name: Australian Credit Stationers
BSB No: 082 204
Account No: 509 268 456

Q. What kind of materials can you print on?
A. Mostly we print on paper label stock, which is available in gloss, matt, permanent and removable stock. We can also print on vinyl stock and bumper stickers which are suited for outdoor use and it is also waterproof. This vinyl stock is available in clear and white.

Q. What is your delivery time for my labels?
A. Our normal turnaround time is five working days from proof approval providing we have the die and material on hand. Many jobs are printed and shipped in just 3-4 days from proof approval.

Q. Can I print a spot PMS colour?
A. Unfortunately we are unable to print an actual PMS spot colour. We can print a close approximation to the colour. Keep in mind that we will email you a proof of your sticker before it goes to print. Alternatively we offer free “press proofs” of your custom labels before going into production, so you can easily see the results before committing.

Q. What type of proof will I receive?
A. This is one of the beauties of digital printing – we have two options for proofing. We will always send you a PDF colour proof via email before your custom label is printed.
However, if your job is colour-critical or you’d like to see the “real thing” before committing to a production run, we offer free press proofs for our paper labels before starting production. What this means is that we print your artwork on the actual press, using the same material that your finished labels will be printed on.

Q. What is the minimum number of labels I need to order?
A. We have a minimum quantity of just 100 labels for each “version” of artwork. However, you can “mix and match” quantities within an order (e.g. 100 of label A, 250 of label B, and so on).

Q. Can you print gold or silver ink?
A. No, we are unable to print metallic inks. However, we can print a colour similar to gold and silver ink on our digital printer.

Q. Will my custom labels come on rolls or on sheets?
A. All of our paper stock stickers are printed on A4 sheets. All of our vinyl stickers and bumper stickers are cut into individual stickers, but if you require them to be on rolls just let us know and we will get back to you with a quote. Please note that the A4 sheets and individually cut stickers are the most cost effective way to print your custom labels as there will be an extra charge for the rolls.

Q. I only want to purchase blank labels on A4 paper so I can print my own labels on my printer. Is this possible?
A. Yes that is possible. Please email us at info@rentonslabels.com.au for prices.

Q. I’ve never had to produce labels before – where do I start?
A. Firstly, you can always call us on 1-800 736 861 or (02) 8825 6820 or email us at info@rentonslabels.com.au.