8 Myths Uncovered About Label printing

Label printing is a major industry. Businesses around the world promote their identity, products and services using printed labels. But there are some who argue against label printing stating reasons which are simply not true. Here are some myths about label printing.

Myth #1. There is little sustainability and lots of waste with label printing. Wrong because digital printing means there is a major reduction in waste and the use of harsh chemicals.

Myth #2. Label printing using paper products destroys forests. Wrong because timber used in label printing comes from forests which are renewed. In fact for every tree cut down for label printing, two or more new trees are planted in its place.

Myth #3. Re-cycled paper is always better for the environment. Wrong. Virgin paper for label printing could well be produced using nuclear power or hydro or even internal bio-fuels. These have a lower carbon footprint than plants producing paper using fossil fuels.

Myth #4. Short runs are never economical when label printing. Wrong as today’s modern digital printing formats enable short print runs to be produced at a low cost.

Myth #5. Paper used to print labels is a major source of waste in landfill. Wrong because paper re-cycling is a major business. In Europe more than 60% of paper is re-cycled. Paper can be re-cycled up to six times.

Myth #6. Paper manufacture has a very high carbon footprint. Wrong. Depending on the energy source, paper production has a relatively low carbon footprint.

Myth #7. Labels with metallic ink finishes can’t be printed on digital presses. True but wrong because it is misleading. Stunning results using many colours can be achieved when printing labels on digital presses.

Myth #8. Paper used to print labels uses vast amounts of energy. Wrong. In fact depending on the type of energy used, one person’s annual amount of paper used can be produced for the equivalent of a 60w light bulb burning for 12 months.

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